Are you ready? Matthew 24-25

It is not how much you are doing. It is, is your heart ready for His coming?

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Today’s reading: Matthew 24-25.

“How can I be ready for Jesus’ return?”

Many people have made the mistake of trying to set a date for Jesus’ return. Jesus himself said that no man knows that day or hour. Many Christians believe that his return is imminent – that he could return at any time without further preparation. Jesus seems to describe a recognizable series of events that will precede his return, so much so that while we cannot know the day or hour, we should certainly recognize the season.

  1. Birth pangs: false Christs, wars, famine, and earthquakes.
  2. Believers persecuted and hated by all nations; many fall away from the faith.
  3. False prophets and wickedness abound; love between one person and another grows cold.
  4. The gospel is preached to every ethnic group in the entire world.
  5. The world suffers distress and tribulation unequaled since the beginning of time.
  6. Cosmic disturbance:…

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