THE MOUNTAIN is calling

“I fear nothing as long as He is at my side.” Amen

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

For as long as he could remember Josh took things seriously. He viewed it as simply being cautious. His Mom and Dad would remind him; “You be careful because…..whatever”. This advise seemed reasonable, since there was not only a lot of scary stuff out there; you never know when you will run into it. Josh did…often.

Over time, it appeared to others that Josh was something of a worry-wart. He would appear to even invent things to be concerned about…..things that many people would just take in their stride: justifying; “That’s life!”.

His fears would show up at school when tests came and  he would choke up….Even if he studied hard for them. And, despite the fact that he proved to be a good student, he would break out in a sweat. Then would worry about that.

It wasn’t until he found himself apprehensive about trips away from home, even…

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