WARNING !…… chicken crossing

Seize the day

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

If you were to ask Eli..an active, studious, motivated…and, sometimes reflective teenager; “What is your favorite day at school?”

One might guess many things; a victory at sports, or when they cancelled the day of finals on a snow day, or the time when “the new girl” invited him to sit with her at lunch.

None of the above…. It was the day when his brand new teacher, Mr. Boggs, showed up at his Social Studies class, with a challenging invitation to discuss……Get this; “Why did the Chicken cross the road?

The minute the class heard the question, they erupted in giggles. No one, absolutely no one raised a hand.

The teacher, obviously serious, said; “Everyone of you has an answer. We will start the day with that discussion. Now let’s hear them.”

Finally, Fred raised his hand and quickly stated the obvious; “To get to the other side?” The…

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