Why even own a needle?

Quote grandpa.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

It seemed like every time Bud sat there on the front porch he had the same memories. Not that they were a bad thing at all, but he could just see Grandpa there in that, now empty chair, rockin’ away and holding forth with his “gems of wisdom”.

So many of them started with “When I was your age”; then a story would follow as if he was supposed to find himself  in the same circumstance. “Well Grandpa” he thought; “Then things were really different, and less complicated.”

Once and a while Grandpa would offer; “Someday you will” so that he thought it might place Bud in real time. Bud pretty much figured it would be hard to predict that “someday”. But, it seemed to take Grandpa out of the past for the  moment.

Bud felt he was not old enough to have much of a past to remember; so…

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