God says “I will help you”.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

The Voice said; “If you had one wish; what would it be?”

Bobbie wondered, first: “Where did that come from?”

Then; “Who is it that could give me any wish that I asked for?”                                                  Thinking; “Boy, if this is true… It’s a miracle!”

Well, he responded; ” What if I wished for a hundred wishes could I have them?

“You understand well enough; a single wish, one time, and forever” was the reply.

Bobbie grabbed a pencil and paper to write his choices down to consider:

A thousand Legos

A new Motorbike

His mom appeared and questioned; “What’s with the list?” Bobbie relied “Just thinking” and went on with the list;

A Magic Wand

A Swimming Pool in the back yard; and……… he went on with…

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