Speaking in tongues: Acts 19

Until you experience It, you won’t know.

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Today’s reading: Acts 18-20.

“Should Christians still be speaking in tongues today?”

I don’t have any experience with speaking in tongues. My Christian experience has been in Methodist and Southern Baptist churches that do not practice this spiritual gift. The book of Acts describes it repeatedly, however, and it still plays a big role in some denominations. Let’s look at the expression of speaking in tongues in Acts, in the first years of the church. Later, in Paul’s writings, we’ll see a more developed and structured use of the gift.

The word for tongue can also mean language. Because of convention and usage we talk of speaking in tongues, but we could just as accurately say speaking in languages, which may be closer to the meaning of the gift. When it was first expressed, at Pentecost, the sounds that the believers uttered were actual foreign languages that were understood by the…

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