A most prosperous shipwreck: Acts 27-28

A wreck could be the end of oneself, and the beginning with God.

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Today’s reading: Acts 27-28.

“My life is a wreck. Is God really with me?”

We are easily discouraged. When trouble comes we doubt ourselves, and then we begin to doubt God. Does he really care for me? Why is he letting me suffer? Like Job’s friends we equate trouble with sin, or like an unbeliever we think there must be no God – at least not a God that cares for us. Yet history is full of those who suffered great difficulty, kept the faith, and saw a great harvest in spite of their trouble. Paul ranks high among those fruitful but troubled ministers. As Acts concludes, his arrest leads to imprisonment, trial, and shipwreck before he finally arrives in Rome and is placed under house arrest. Listen to Paul describe the struggles of his ministry, most likely written several years before the shipwreck of Acts:

Five different times the…

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