life.. IS.. a box of chocolates

All things work together for good.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

Cindy had absolutely curly hair. Shirley Temple would have given her dimples. Eli had seen her many times on the street in Rosemont where she lived…. a stones throw from Wilkins’ Drug Store. He recalled how often he had taken the long way home just to walk by her house.

She was a year older than him, but they were about the same size…. maybe he was about an inch bigger. He stood very tall every time their eyes met. Sadly, if he had lived ten blocks closer, they could have gone to the same school. He conceded that he would just have to make do with those casual ( but planned) encounters in and around the Drug Store.

One day Eli had just tooled up on his bike as she was coming out, and she smiled it him. He quickly dismounted, and ran to hold the door open as…

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