The Wisdom of Christmas

Gifts of love, in love and for love , that is what real Christmas gifts are.

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The Wisdom of Christmas

I was leaving the food court at the mall when I saw him. I had gulped down some Chinese and a soda in order to revive myself. The nephews and nieces were done, but I still had to find presents for my wife and mother. I glanced down at my watch, then looked up to pick out an opening in the crowd, and there he stood.

I could tell he wasn’t a local. His clothes were different – out of style in a way that was more than just old-fashioned. He had the weary look of a long-distance traveler, yet he carried himself in a noble way. In fact, he stood out among the swarming shoppers like an imposing lighthouse in a surging sea. I found myself drifting towards him like a boat seeking a safe harbor.


“Are you lost?” I asked him.
“No, I’m not…

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