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Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

Eli and Bobby had been playing tennis for about an hour when they decided to “take five” on the bench. Eli reached for his water bottle at this feet, when he spotted a very shiny object laying on the ground. He picked it up and examined it.

It was sort of a cross with a flattened area on top and a key at the bottom. The flat area clearly revealed a bold engraving “SUCCESS”. He handed it to Bobby and said; “What do you make of this?”

Bobby came back with; “Well, if you believe what it suggests, good luck with that. Nothin’ comes that easy.”

Eli just slipped it into his pocket with no comment, and bounced back onto the court…. suggesting; “Let’s finish this disaster…. I’ll loan you the key if you need it!”

Later, at home, Eli got on the computer to try to check out the…

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