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Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

The bell rang and  the class spilled out into the hall, ready to ditch their books and pick up their rain gear. Ordinarily Eli was out the door and on his way home to grab a snack, and check on his computer for the latest. But because today his dad was picking him up, he leaned on the wall at the door to be on watch. So far…. no dad.

He seldom checked the entrance message board, for lack of interest in most of the postings. But today, he was there with time to burn. At the top right hand of the board was an especially colorful post with the headline; ” Waiting for extra cash until you grow old? WHY NOT HAVE IT NOW!”

Eli had not been holding his breath until someone made an offer. He had been responding to the, now and then, chances that popped up…

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