Genesis 22 – Put to the test by God

With Him we will pass each test. Without Him we will surely fail.

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Today’s reading: Genesis 22-24.

Most people don’t like to be tested. Think of school when you didn’t know the material and were likely to get a bad grade. How about work situations where you were being evaluated constantly on your results? Then there are life tests when tragedy strikes, perhaps the loss of a spouse or loss of a job, and you wonder how you will make it from day to day.

And then there are the times when God tests you.

Now, I’m not talking about temptation. The Bible states directly that God tempts no man, but that our temptations arise out of our own desires. The tests that I’m referring to are more like the road test you give a car, or the assays you put minerals through to determine their value, or the trial someone goes through to determine the truth of their actions or words.

Have you…

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