Genesis 9 – The promise keeping God

Our wonderful Promise- keeper for all time. He is Wonderful.

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Today’s reading: Genesis 8-11.

God is a covenant-making promise keeper. The Bible reveals the character of God, and one thing it shows us over and over is God making agreements with his people and God doing what he says he will do. The covenants that God makes are similar to contracts between two parties, and in Genesis 9 he makes one of his very first ones. As the old spiritual says, “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water but fire next time.” The rainbow is God’s signature, God’s John Hancock, written large in the sky for all to see. It’s a signature for the record books, and every time he writes it he is telling us, “see, I have kept my promise.”

The amazing thing about God’s agreement with Noah is that there is nothing that Noah has to do to keep this contract in force. God is…

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