Nip the bud and save lives

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

Mothers have historically been ” the menders”. Your vision may be the same as mine; that of a lady in her rocking chair repairing  socks and garments that have become the victim of time and use. Not that it will give them new or predictable life, but to buy time for when the user can fend for himself or choose a replacement.

The saying:” A stitch in time will save nine ” is a way of saying that if the “stitching ” is early on…….. we will avert serious or maybe an impossible repair later,

This story is about that, but not about mothers and their efforts. It is actually about my father who put that idea to work in a strange….perhaps to some, an insensitive way. It’s not about shirts or socks… is about breaking a commandment.


My younger brother, Wayne, and my Dad stopped by the…

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