ATB 39 Nourishment

Everyone has what they will consider to be a typical work day.  For some it will be the traditional 8 to 5.  For others it may be a different variance of the work day.  It would seem that no matter who we are, we are going to be committed to some level of work hours during the average day.

All of us at some point during our work day will have some type of break.  And I would imagine that most of us during at least one of our breaks will have the opportunity to grab something to eat.

Now if you are like me I am a work in progress.  By that I mean that when it comes to my break time at work I must on a daily basis make the commitment to refrain from using my break to shall we say partake of the wrong types of nourishments.

I am in a constant battle during my breaks to not immediately head over to the vending machine.  I can’t begin to tell you all the different types of “nourishments” that are there for me to chose from.  Be it candy, soda pop, chips, etc. each and every one of them is truly a temptation.

Now I am not going to pretend that I am at a point where I am able to completely bypass these temptations of nourishments every day.  Yes I will from time to time essentially just say well OK maybe just this one time.

I have over the last few years made a conscious effort to resist as much as possible these types of nourishments.  I have made up my mind and in my spirit to do better each and every day.

During the course of this ongoing transformation what I have come to realize that these types of nourishments are good.  Yes they are in fact quite tasty.  But as much as anything else what has been the most important revelation is the fact that while they are “good” they truly don’t seem to satisfy my sense of hunger.  They indeed do quench a hunger or desire for a short time, but untimely what I have come to find is that it is merely temporary.

What is temporary in our lives is but for a short time.  Nourishments such as candy, chips, etc. will of course leave us sooner rather than later wanting for more.  When it comes to our physical bodies what we need and will be sustained by is that which is for a fuller nourishment of our bodies.

I have given to thought as well to the issue of nourishment for not just our bodies but just as importantly our minds and our spirit.

It is fair to say in my opinion that there are times in each of our lives where we seek after those types of nourishments that are good to us but may not be good for us in the long run.  They will be by definition temporary.

As I look around the world that we live in we are witness to the on-going pursuit of those world nourishments which will prove to be temporary.  Be it money, fame, or the other things of this world each of them will be nourishing.  But it has been proven over and over again the things of this world will never truly quench the need for the nourishment that we need for our minds and spirits.

I often pause to give thoughts to these words that Jesus shared with his disciples via the Lord’s Prayer.  “Give us this day our daily bread.”    

These words of Jesus were spoken thousands of years ago.  As it was spoken of then it stands as even more important today.  This daily bread is of and from the Lord himself.  Each and every day that we seek his daily bread is one in which we will continue to be fulfilled.

The word of God comes forth by virtue of his holy book and perhaps most of all by our daily prayers to him as we seek his guidance and direction.  His daily bread will always provide us with the nourishment that we seek and need.  Unlike the nourishment that the world would direct us to seek after, the daily bread of the Lord comes with a guarantee that if we seek him first and his righteousness all that we need for the nourishment of our minds and spirits is ours to receive because of his riches and glory.  His daily bread indeed is nourishment for our minds, bodies and souls.

To God be the glory

Alan T. Black



About dupree73

I was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While I do proudly embrace my background and personal history within the United Methodist Church, I do feel that ultimately what is important is not the denomination that you are a part of. What matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord. Part and parcel to any relationship is the level of commitment that one makes to it. With any and all relationships they are going to take time to grow. Through the years if I were to describe my relationship with the Lord using one word it would be “transformation.” Continuing to grow daily in my walk with the Lord, and as well continue to display the fruits of his spirit daily is for me what my life is all about. Frankly for these times, my attitude and belief is that the world is looking at those who are Christians to see if in fact their talk does indeed match their walk. As for me, my goal is to on a daily basis to be that individual who by virtue of their talk and their walk is by nature “peculiar.” If then by chance this way of living does indeed glorify the Lord, then my life indeed is destined to make a difference.
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