Promises kept or broken? Leviticus 26-27

He loved us with His Son and is due the best from us His redeemed.

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Today’s reading: Leviticus 26-27.

God is a promise keeping covenant-maker. We, on the other hand, frequently fail to keep our word. God knows this about us. As Leviticus ends, he reminds Israel about the promises he will keep on their behalf if they remain faithful to his commands. He also warns them about the consequences of failing to obey him. Think of it as a really big carrot and stick. God gives them a huge incentive to obey. Knowing their nature, he also prepares their descendants to learn more about God’s character as they watch God do exactly what he said he would. And remember, the people had agreed voluntarily to this covenant (see Exodus 24:7). After telling the people how he will keep his word, God closes Leviticus by telling the Israelites how they should keep their vows to him.

Look at all the ways God promises to bless his…

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