The Nazirite vow: Numbers 6

Just a closer walk with Thee, let it be dear Lord. Amen.

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Samson was raised as a Nazirite from birth. The book of Judges tells his story, but Numbers lays out the specifics of the Nazirite vow. Understanding it now will make the source of Samson’s power more clear when we come to his story.

What set the Nazirite apart?

  • their hair was left uncut
  • they could not eat or drink any product of grapes, including juice, wine, raisins, or fresh grapes
  • they had to stay away from dead bodies, even when it involved the death of family
  • the vow could be any length, from weeks to years, or even for a lifetime. If interrupted, the person could shave their head and begin the vow again.
  • they would make an expensive offering and shave off their hair at the end of the vow

Nazirite comes from the Hebrew word for separation or consecration. It’s not a place but a way of life…

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