Between life and death: Numbers 16

Thank you Lord for the reminder that obedience is better than sacrifice.

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Today’s reading: Numbers 16-17.

Aaron’s life in the exodus and the wilderness journey passes through many ups and downs, but today it reaches a high water mark. Instead of the repetitive and mostly routine services in the tabernacle, he finds himself in a life and death struggle for the children of Israel. By standing in the gap for them, he turns God’s judgement to mercy in a very Christ-like fashion.

His heroic intervention resulted from another foolish and prideful rebellion by a faction of dissatisfied Levites. Led by Korah, 250 Levites challenged Moses’ leadership and demanded change. They probably felt they should be given priestly duties along with Aaron’s family. God proved they were wrong to rebel by destroying Korah and his 250 followers with fire, then swallowed their families in a giant hole in the ground. At this point, you would expect the people of Israel to run from…

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