Shopping for better Ways

Enjoyed n love this blog n sharing for yes i have found out “never turn to others what you can do yourself” amd i am in the process of changing bus. Just in time.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

In the Home Depot of thought, I seem to be caught in the”Tools for Old Folks” department. Since age has caused me to give away most of my trusty devices, I find myself trying to replace them with ones of modern version or reclaim old rusty ones, with the thought that they may be re -purposed.

Well, to set aside that metaphor and go to straight talk. When you get to be over eighty (maybe sooner) you look for structure and relief from the common chores of life.

Developers are building Condos and Senior Living “Villages” that are supposed to bring that relief and keep us active physically and mentally. To some, this may be oversold…. and others maybe not so. Certainly, for those who have ended up alone and with diminishing health, it may well be the answer.

Back to the metaphor again (I love ’em): Life is a…

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