Deeper in debt: Deuteronomy 28

Father. help us to turn our eyes on Jesus so that the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. May ourdesire be to please You.

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(As of the end of 2018 the US national debt stood at over $21 trillion)

Today’s reading: Deuteronomy 28-29.

America’s debt keeps piling up so quickly that our minds can’t comprehend it. Our politicians seem powerless to address the problem. Right now the federal government owes over 17 trillion dollars, a debt of 150,000 dollars for each U.S. taxpayer. The deficit for 2018 alone was 779 billion dollars, which means we are not only failing to address the outstanding debt but falling behind by over three quarters of a trillion dollars each year. The yearly interest on the debt is 364 billion dollars.

The Israelites stand on two mountains to the east of Canaan as they prepare to enter the land. One mountain, Gerazim, is the mountain of blessing. From Gerazim God proclaims all the blessings that will come to pass if the people obey him. Look at the blessings…

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