What about astrology? Deuteronomy 18

The stars are His handiwork and flung so far apart that we know only God could have done it – what a wonder You are Lord

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Today’s reading: Deuteronomy 17-20.

The stars talk. Let me admit that up front. The question is, what are they saying and who is doing the talking? Lets also start by defining some terms that are used in today’s verses.

  • divination: attempting to predict future events by natural signs such as the planets and stars (this includes astrology and horoscopes)
  • sorcery: using drugs or potions to cast spells, gain knowledge, or alter consciousness
  • interpreting omens: using artificial aids such as cards, crystal balls, palm-reading, etc. to forecast the future
  • witchcraft: attempting to control forces of good and evil with spiritual laws
  • mediums: those who attempt to communicate with those in the spiritual world, including the dead

Now let’s look at the warning Moses gives the Israelites about these practices, which include astrology. Notice that he includes child sacrifice in the list, which shows how seriously God hates all these actions.


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