About Bacon…..Or the fruits of our labors

only to be what He wants me to be
every moment of everyday
yielded conpletely to Jesus alone
ready to do what his Word commands
only to be what He wants me to be
rvery step of this pilgrim way.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

“Bringing home the Bacon” is what we called it in my generation; and perhaps beyond. The implication here is that men had a role to play as husband and father. There was no competition, nor was there a slight to women who had a desire or need to work.

It was assured that we all have a role: i suppose viewed as a natural one. Every culture has it’s hunters and nurturers.

Today, it is the subject of great discussion as to who is committed to do what. There is significant evidence that some men are choosing to be less responsible as providers. Depression and drugs have crept into the picture, and they are registering  new and disturbingly low levels of testosterone

Women have, as the result, been moving into a dominant role and have statistically become better students, and actually many are receiving similar wages and taking over key…

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