BEING HUGE in small ways

This morning i awoke with this thought – we are fearfully and wonderfully made and what a Wonder He is. .. in our different ways we worship Him and find Him .. may it ever be so – let us continue to do so and love Him for He first lived us. He changest not.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

Today, our attention is drawn to things done “the big way”. We respond to ideas planned by media people to gain our attention; often by being outrageously overstated, or elaborately visual.

There is no doubt that it works for many things. My focus for this writing is to look at churches and their changes over the years. One would think that churches would continue to lead, as they have for centuries, in the way that God had declared “The same yesterday, today and forever”. And, the Word, while subject to interpretation, is in no need for revision.

Today revisionism has taken over much of our society. The reference to our Constitution being ” A living, breathing instrument” has allowed for major changes in original intent. This would lend to the thinking that fundamental religious principles may be likewise subject to possible review of God’s intent and their inviolate nature be…

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