The high price of neglect: 2 Samuel 13-15

Do not allow little foxes to grow. They are deadly when grown.

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Today’s reading: 2 Samuel 13-15.

Dry rot. Termites. Leaky roofs. Peeling paint. A homeowner who ignores these hazards will one day face expensive repairs or even the loss of his home. In 1984 a St. Louis woman noticed a few bees flying in and out of her attic, but ignored them until the whole ceiling caved in under the weight of hundreds of pounds of honey. King David had a much more serious problem than bees or termites. His own children committed grave sins that provoked him to righteous anger, but instead of acting he neglected the problems. His whole kingdom came crashing down as a result.

First crack: Amnon. David’s son, Amnon, lusted after his half-sister, Tamar. He plotted to be alone with her, raped her, then rejected her. David was furious, but the Bible records no steps he took to deal with the problem.

Second crack: Absalom

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