Sharing nugget experiences – 2017-18 -Appreciation

I had never been hospitalized till 2017 when i fell and broke my right leg. Am sharing nuggets i experienced in the next few days here to more permanently record them as they are now in Whatapp.


Appreciate the “little things in life” that you can individually independently “enjoy” like brushing your teeth, toilet n bath…. Even picking a pen dropped on the floor, going to bed on your own without assistance. These are some of the things I missed this week of learning – in addition to being humble enough to accept help from others in the family, church family, medical staff and even unknown strangers . Praise the Lord He is gracious n patient with me and merciful to bless me with people He has brought across my path this week at hospitals (CGH n SACH)

Thank You God for every kind soul You have brought along my way. May I be inspired to do likewise from all the blessings I have been privileged to enjoy n lessons learnt from. Praise the Lord. Blessed be His holy Name. Amen

Note: Don’t forget to thank God for all the little things you can independently do today like standing up and walking, bending.


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