Should I date or marry an unbeliever? Ezra 10

Be true to the Lord. He will see you through. Amen.

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Today’s reading: Ezra 8-10.

There may be no more discouraging situation for young Christians today than the problem of finding a believing mate. The problem could become more difficult in the future as Christians become more of a minority in our expanding  culture of “nones” – those who are affiliated with no church. Desperation may drive some, whether young or older, to seek mates from among the unbelieving. Also, love can be blind, and sometimes the heart binds itself to another before the mind considers whether it is wise to marry someone of a different faith or no faith.

This is not a new problem. The Israelites who returned from exile also had issues with their members marrying unbelievers:

Then Ezra the priest stood up and said to them, “You have been unfaithful; you have married foreign women, adding to Israel’s guilt. Now make confession to the LORD, the God…

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