Sharing nugget experience -2017-18 – Thy will

When we have no energy/ choice left and like Jesus have to say ” Father not my will but thine be done. ”
We have to submit to the Lord and to His time and plans as we come to the end of ourselves.

I felt somewhat like that when I was on the floor laid on my back after my accidental fall from missing a step at home, and when I came crashing down three more steps, with the cracking sound of my breaking femur bone on March 30 2017.

Thank God I was not knocked out unconscious.

I felt hopelessly inadequate, in doing anything except call on the Lord.

That was also when I texted Bedok Efg members for immediate prayer for help from the Lord.

Praise the Father in heaven who heard our call in Jesus’ name and will accomplish that which He purposes in my life.

“Thy will be done” has achieved new meaning and purpose in my life and given me serenity to ” accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference”, praise God.

I pray that every reader here will submit to the will of God and not wait to face an ultimatum with dire consequences for the Lord to catch our attention. The Lord help each of us to remain in the centre of His will out of love rather than fear.

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