Sharing nugget experiences 2017-18 – Therapist

Hi everyone,
As we look forward to celebrating The resurrection of Christ, let us remember those who do not know the significance of the resurrection of Christ or have been put off believing in the resurrection .

After my therapy session on Maundy Thursday I wished my Filipino occupational therapist a blessed good Friday and asked him if he was going to church. He said “no, I shall be resting at home. ”

Today Saturday after Good Friday, he was preparing me for my therapist session. As is the custom I would be ready when he came to collect us from our ward to the therapy room.
Unfortunately while my session is normally at 10 am he came to collect us at 9am it being Saturday and a half working day.

When we are ready we have our shoes on and are then seated in our wheelchairs. This morning I needed assistance to get my shoes on as it was early yet when he came.

He bent down to retrieve my shoes under my bed, and knelt in front of me to put my shoes on. I said ” you are so humble and remind me of Jesus. He washed his disciples’ feet and you are helping me put on my shoes. ”
My occupational therapist was so visibly moved but said nothing. I knew there must be a story behind the fact that Filipinos would go to church at Good Friday n Easter but he is not – pray that somehow the Lord will reveal Himself to my therapist today or during this blessed season.

Perhaps there is someone you should pray for while you celebrate our Risen Lord.

We serve a risen Savior and He is in the world today.

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