Sharing nugget experiences 2017-18 – Don’t copy

Don’t copy your neighbour. God made you different. Unique.

Every one was sweaty on that warm sweltering afternoon. Rain ? No rain? The humidity was uncomfortable. Enui!

Everyone of my Ward neighbours had baby talcum powder. So I requested purchase of the smallest pack of baby talcum powder. ( given now to a grateful neighbour who relishes it)

Gratefully received, I applied the talcum which was suitable even to the softest most tender baby skin.

The reaction was unexpected in red, looked like angry itchy rashes!

Sin – may appear innocuous to others BUT not for you!

So beware when your easy natural response is to follow others.

You are wonderfully and fearfully different. A different make-up. What you experience could be deadly different from theirs.

Wah ! today two doctors came to see me and recommend appointment w skin doctor to identify if there is new allergy! Special treatment with 3 nurses I did not ask for plus “vampire” service – blood withdrawal n more lab tests!

God loves me ! I am not a baby who can use talcum powder.

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