Sharing nugget experiences – 2017-18 -Workers

Watching the world go by – this is my privilege, and now also to participate.
As I watch the Filipino crew of nurses I cannot but thank God for their friendly,
highh standard of professional integrity even when no one else is watching. They smile n sing and seem to make good connection with patients in pain or with merry hearts.

The Myanmese are eager beavers to please but sometimes stumble along having not been trained to do the job with a smile, but focussing on technicalities which sometimes are completed in a slip short manner. They can forget your leg is hurting n when you highlight are sincere in their “sorry”s.

The Indiams are winsome and gentle. They are very experienced and know a higher standard of graceful service – can come from Singapore and from India or married to Singaporeans.

The Malays love to exert authority though still gentle and out to please the patients. Seems like the cream of their crop are here they are people pleasers.

All work. In shifts some 12 hour shifts, some eight hours. You can always spot those who are at the tail end of their 12-hour shifts because they are shagged especially when everybody wants to have their baths first, or diapers changed before therapy sessions or before visiting hours or in the night season at 2 am in the morning when alarm bells calling for assistance sound so urgently.

I know who i will call for each service but because of the shift system I have to accept the turnover of staff.

Isn’t it like God’s workers in the mission field including the local church? Depending on motivations, training and cultural characteristics we make do with whom God sends in His shift system of work. No matter who He sends or is available we have to learn to live and let live forgive and give, none of us is perfect and because we are fellow pilgrims in this temporal world.

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