Sharing nuggets – 2017-18 – Accountingp

One basic Accounting control principle is to have controls at source.

One evening my eagle- eyed 94 year old Ward neighbour was watching the night shift nurse prepare for next morning’s patients’ bath. 10 diapers, one patient’s top and trousers, a towel and whatever creams or medicines were needed for application after baths.

Then she noticed that for some patients, the nurse would retrack and recover 2 diapers and transfer it to another patient. She knew we were charged for what was dispensed to us. How could she the nurse dispense then withdraw the diapers that had been charged. Was she overcharging?

She called the nurse to account. There was a new packaging for diapers – instead of 20 per pax there were 24 per pax. The nurse’s routine was to divide the contents of each pax by two and dispense to patients. However under the new packaging the patients were dispensed with 12 instead of 10 diapers. “O ” granny said ” make sure you don’t take more away than you should”.

There is only one way to get into heaven – by Jesus Christ. And these are those whose names are found in the Lamb’s Book of life. There is only one accounting of rewards in heaven.
Scary isn’t it? No cheaters, no ifs or buts – it will be real and correct – God’s accounting!

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