Sharing nuggets – 2017-18- Exercise

Routine things bore us however, some are good for us.

I was in the therapy rooms and had to do the following :

– flexing rubber ropes of varying strengths requiring different levels of strength to keep them stretched to the maximum 15 minutes a day – good for my biceps
– auto cycling – good for my leg muscles – 15 minutes
– pushing and following the pressure return of the foot bar – 15 minutes
– hand cycling – 15 minutes
– standing and sitting repeatedly at the bar and clipping clothes pins up a post n taking them down – 15 minutes
– walking on one foot while tip toeing on the repaired leg until the doctor has reviewed the success n fusion of the bones.

All perfectly boring yet perfectly in line with getting me on my feet and driving my car again to wherever the Lord sends me.

Reminds me of this chorus I sang as a child :

We are building day by day
In our work and in our play
Not with hammer, blow on blow, not with timber sawing so
Building a house not made with hands
Following Jesus’ perfect plan
We are Building For eternity.

Help us build Lord, even though it seems boring sometimes, faithfully following Your good plans and grand design. Amen

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