Sharing nuggets -2017-18 – Emergency

It was a medical emergency like I never witnessed in wayang kulit ( shadow play) style.

The whole day yesterday the lady on the bed opposite to mine in the Ward wore a deathly pallor on her face – vomiting n sleeping after a scope on stomache etc. She had had 3 blood transfusions and at 9 pm the fourth was called for. She was better as her two relatives wished her goodnight. She was on saline drip. Then at 11.30 pm. The curtain seperating her Ward space and mine was drawn and I watched from behind the curtain. Awakened from sleep.

The “ant brigade” 3 teams of Filipina nurses were all activity to n from her as she vomited blood, her pressure went way down low n they thought they were losing her. They called for the medical officer but he could not be found n by the time he came was no longer the on scene commander. She the true unsung hero was a petite Filipina with an authoritative and professional voice, gave the commands to resuscitate the lady with another pack of blood. The pack was made available after red tape but required MO ‘s approval before it was immediately implemented. We could hear ” Aunty open your eyes” “Aunty can you hear me?” “Open your eyes” no response. Check blood inflow, check check check. The machine heartbeat was very very low n stopped. “Aunty open your eyes” she opened her eyes and some jubilation. “Aunty can you hear me” – Aunty responded and then threw out blood. Meantime doc remained outside action space recording what had gone on before and update.
” what’s the decision? ” shouted the on- scene commander
at MO. ” we move her to hi dependency Ward ok?” “Ok”

Nursing team made connection w hi dependency Ward, got porter, cleaned fixed patient for move – and further treatment enroute etc
” MO are we ready to transfer? ” “Just a while – what’s the reason?” ” You decide ” from OnScene commander. “ok let’s move!”

Patient past the threshold of the Ward, the teams returned – Tagalog relief ( loud chatter of relief in Filipino language of Tagalog), the unsung heroes for the night were celebrating n cleaning up the mess .

When I saw one of the crew in the next hour I congratulated her for work well done and also told her that behind the curtain Rozen ( my helper) n I had prayed for God to give her a second chance if she did not know Him. God answered our prayers. She is being operated on with ulcers in stomache n deudenum. What a night/ morning it has been. Glad we had privilege of prayer.

Our God neither slumbers nor sleeps. In His mercy may she be saved.

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