10 Years of God’s faithfulness at ChristianBlessings

Praise God!

Ten years ago ChristianBlessings was  only on the blog.

Ten years later now we have traversed to places beyond our wildest imagination – sent Bibles to Senegal, Africa, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar ,facilitate tuition centres in  villages surrounding Pokhara Nepal, drug rehabilitation at Putao Myanmar, install water filtration systems at Myanmar orphanages, sent Bibles to Nepal, medical financial support to His workers in Papua New Guinea and in Myanmar – all made possible by the grace of God through His loving children from Singapore and others. The Lord has sent us to more places where for security reasons we will not mention.  Glory to His Name for His grace and mercy.

Yes the song that comes to mind through these years is Sometimes Alleluia, sometimes Praise the Lord, sometimes gently singing, our hearts with one accord.

We thank God for faithful Contributors during this past decade,   including  4Hispraise (Milt Wear)  who retired this year at the senior age of 90 and others like Rob Barkman , meetingintheclouds, Patsy Momary who are in glory . Thank God for our pioneer Contributor Rick Roehm  and several others who remain testimonies  of God’s faithfulness

May all our readers continue to be blessed as He inspires our continuing Contributors who allow our reblogs and those who post their blogs here.

We extend our warm hand of fellowship  especially to  our  many Filipino and American  readers from around the world and pray daily encouragement  for them as they  strive to serve the Lord .

May the Lord guide us  and our steps aright, and may we follow where He leads us in the days ahead. Amen.

Jesus Christ  is our Story, good news to the nations,  and evemore shall be!

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