Who holds the key? Isaiah 22

Praise the Lord, He holds the key that opens doors, no man can shut.

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Today’s reading: Isaiah 18-22.

When you got the keys to your first car, you received much more than the freedom of a set of wheels. You also received the power of that car and authority over its movement. Keys are important. We talk about key ingredients, key leaders, key principles – all because of the significance of keys. Today’s devotional is about a man and a nation who forgot the one holding the keys of the kingdom.

The nation was Judah and the man was Shebna. He was the king’s treasurer, holding the keys to the wealth of the kingdom. Isaiah looked down the years to come and saw evil actions coming from the nation and the man. The event that precipitated their sin was Assyria’s invasion in the reign of King Hezekiah. We know that the Assyrians were eventually defeated when God destroyed their army with a plague. At…

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