A great ship sinks: Ezekiel 27

O Lord, open our eyes to the materialistic corruption and idolatory of others. Save us and keep us true to You. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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Today’s reading: Ezekiel 25-27. 

Some say it was ice that sank the Titanic. Some say it was pride. The “unsinkable” ship went down on its first trans-Atlantic voyage in 1912 after it ignored warnings of icebergs and failed to slow down in dangerous waters. Another ship went down thousands of years earlier, and like the Titanic it sailed the seas with its own share of pride. It was the great city-state of Tyre. Ezekiel described it as a magnificent sailing ship outfitted with the strongest wood, the finest sailors, and the richest cargo. Everyone thought it was indestructible, but nothing could save the city when God pronounced judgment on it.

You are filled with heavy cargo in the heart of the sea. Your oarsmen take you out to the high seas. But the east wind will break you to pieces in the heart of the sea. Your wealth, merchandise and…

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