You can’t blame others for your sins: Ezekiel 18

It’s not my father or my mother, my brother or sister, but it’s me O Lord, standing in the need for prayer.

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Today’s reading: Ezekiel 18-20.

“It’s not my fault that God isn’t blessing me. I’m suffering because of what the generations before me did.”

The Jews in exile had a problem. They had lost their homeland. They were prisoners. Things weren’t getting any better, either, and they were looking for an explanation. The easy answer? “Our fathers are the reason we are suffering.”

The word of the LORD came to me: “What do you people mean by quoting this proverb about the land of Israel: ‘The fathers eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge’? As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, you will no longer quote this proverb in Israel. For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son–both alike belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.” Ezekiel 18:1-4

When you read the proverb…

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