Can this be fixed? Micah

You fixed me Lord. Thank You.

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Today’s reading: Micah 1-7.

Each of us has a worldview, an understanding of how things work. For some it’s a crafted philosophy. For others it’s based on assumptions that are never consciously considered. But all worldviews seek to answer the basic questions of life:

  • How did I get here?
  • What went wrong?
  • Can this be fixed?

All the “isms” aim to provide answers to these questions. As an example, communism would say that things went wrong when owners oppressed workers to extract wealth, and that the way to fix things is to take away rights of property and make everyone equal in producing and consuming. Capitalism, in contrast, would say that the problem began when governments gave advantages to privileged or protected producers, and that the way to solve the problem is to empower entrepreneurs by giving them unregulated access to markets.

The people of Israel knew how we got…

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