Farming for the soul: Hosea 10

Melt my heart Lord, and mould me into Your likeness.

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Adam Lerner on Flickr.

Today’s reading: Hosea 8-14.

Like cows eating the grain as they walked over it to thresh it, the people of Israel were used to the easy life. All that was about to change. God was going to judge them and take away all their abundance because of their many years of idolatry. Before the hammer of judgment falls, Hosea calls out to them and offers them one more chance to return to God. It will take some work, though – farming work for the soul.


Phil Parsons on Flickr. 

“Break up your unplowed ground.”

A hard heart won’t grow any spiritual fruit. Jesus compared it to the roadway hardened by heavy traffic. It’s got to be broken up, plowed, turned over, softened. Then it can receive the seed and the rain in order to grow and bear a harvest. The way to break up the hard ground…

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