The end of Assyria: Nahum

No matter what happens among the nations, our God reigns.

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Today’s reading: Nahum 1-3.

“Why do those Assyrians keep popping up in the Old Testament?”

Assyria dominated the Middle East from the ninth to seventh centuries BC. Its territory stretched from modern-day Iraq through Syria to Jordan, Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea. It used advanced military technology to conquer surrounding nations and its cruelty was legendary. Nineveh, the same city that Jonah preached in, was its capitol. As Assyria grew in power it threatened the survival of both Israel and Judah, who had never faced such a mighty enemy.

841 BC Assyria begins to exact tribute from Israel.

760 BC (about) Jonah preaches in Nineveh and the city repents.

744 BC Tiglath-pileser III (called Pul in the Bible) reigns, and in 733 begins to invade Israel. Judah, under King Ahaz, pays tribute to Assyria to avoid conflict. Ahaz even builds a shrine to the Assyrian god, Asshur, in the…

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