The reluctant missionary: Jonah

Help me fill my responsibilities in Your work Lord with Your help, not run away from it.

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Today’s reading: Obadiah, Jonah.

“Jonah and the whale. Isn’t that just a kid’s story?”

There’s so much content packed into the short story of Jonah. There’s a broken hero, danger at sea, the mysterious big fish, the impossibility of Jonah’s salvation, and the unexpected outcome of his mission. It’s definitely much more than a children’s story. It’s about the power of God’s word, his big heart for the lost people of the world, and our role in relating that love to people we may consider as enemies. Even Jesus had something to say about Jonah.

I don’t remember what pastor preached this outline on the book of Jonah, but I’ve always found it makes the story easy to remember.

Running away from God. Jonah rejects God’s call to go and preach to Nineveh. He tries to go as far away as possible, thinking foolishly that he can outrun the LORD. Instead…

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