How to give: Luke 21

As we have freely received , may we freely give to the Lord and others. He gave His all for us. Can we give more?

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Today’s reading: Luke 21-22.

“How much should I give back to God?”

Christians disagree on how much we should give in our offerings. Some promote the Old Testament practice of tithing, giving ten percent of their income. Others insist the New Testament doesn’t set a limit but says we should give out of gratitude, as stewards of all God has given us, and as the Holy Spirit leads. The fact is that on average believers give only a small percentage of their income, around three percent among Southern Baptists. Many give nothing. Yet Jesus was emphatic that the man who stored up everything for himself and gave nothing back to God was a fool.

Jesus sat down in the temple to rest after an extended dispute with the scribes and Pharisees. He was sitting beside the collection boxes, and many people were dropping in various amounts of money as they passed…

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