Since I have a shepherd: John 10

Do you know this good shepherd?

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Today’s reading: John 9-10.

“What does it mean that the LORD is my shepherd?”

Lynn Anderson, in They Smell like Sheep, told of a tour he took in Palestine in which his group listened to a guide explain the ancient sheep-herding practices. The guide spun a heart-warming tale about the gentle way the shepherd cared for his sheep, fed them, led them, and trained them to follow his voice. “He then explained how on a previous tour things had backfired for him as he was giving this same speech about sheep and shepherds. In the midst of spinning his pastoral tale, he suddenly realized he had lost his audience. They were all staring out the bus window at a guy chasing a ‘herd’ of sheep. He was throwing rocks at them, whacking them with sticks, and siccing the sheep dog on them. The sheep-driving man in the field had torpedoed…

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