Wonderful Counselor

What is a counselor except someone who is available to give you a point of view that you don’t have … to render help that you need … and to provide a remedy to a problem that you don’t understand?

Isn’t that exactly what Jesus offers to do for us? Only most of the time our problem isn’t as simple as calling a repairman… it’s that we all contend with broken lives.

As Isaiah 61 helps us understand, the mission of Jesus Christ goes far beyond just securing a place for us in heaven. Verse 3 says He was sent “to bestow on them a crown of beauty, instead of ashes; the oil of gladness, instead of mourning; and a garment of praise, instead of a spirit of despair.”

Rescue. Redemption. Restoration.

That’s His plan for everyone! And regardless of what you face, remember that no situation is too hopeless for God! And He never gives up. (Phil. 1:6) He is constantly working to deliver you from the futility of living for yourself and tirelessly works to restore you fully to Himself.

So as you head into this year’s Christmas celebration with its unique challenges and complex family situations, you’ll likely be confronted with conundrums far more perplexing than putting together a bike or fixing a broken appliance. And when you do, invite Jesus to be your Wonderful Counselor, remembering that there’s nothing He can’t rescue, redeem and restore!

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