Women and the church: I Timothy 2

To each his/ her own as the Lord calls. It is God’s plan that men take the lead. However when men fail to honor God as leader, the Lord will raise another or even women to lead. The Lord uses those who are His to do His work.

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Today’s reading: I Timothy 1-6.

Some passages are difficult to understand or accept, but learning “the whole counsel of God” is key to reading the Bible. John Piper asked his audience to judge whether this passage surprised or offended them. If it did not offend them, he said, they had grasped the essence of Biblical manhood and womanhood.

When a husband leads like Christ and a wife responds like the bride of Christ, there is a harmony and mutuality that is more beautiful and more satisfying and more fruitful than any pattern of marriage created by man. God loves his people and he loves his glory. And therefore when we follow his idea of marriage, we are most satisfied and he is most glorified. – John Piper

Some discredit this passage by saying it is only Paul speaking, or that it is a product of the times in which it…

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