Who will help me?

I am in a strange land, among a strange culture, and working to earn a living for me and my family back home. I have a foreign boss, and landlord, It is all foreign to me – my work place, procedures, organization and relationships. I live in rented property or a domitory with foreigners or other Filipinos. who have different lifestyles and habits. I may not understand their work instructions or when they talk about or to me in their foreign language> Lord help me for You are my only hope to cope.

My family I have left behind is depending on me to succeed in my foreign assignment whether at the office or workplace. They expect me to be safe so there is financial security of support monthly. They have many needs and should they fall sick they look to me to provide for their medical care and to pay for it. Who will help them while I am working overseas?

Lord through the uncertainties of the Covid-19, Be Thou my help.

Psalm 121:  I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.

O Lord when I look up, beyond the hills of the challenges, problems and heartaches, I see you You are my Omnipotent (all powerful), Omniscient (all knowing) and Omnipresent (all present) Lord. You are able, capable, willing to help me whatever fears, doubts and weaknesses I may feel. You are wonderful and I trust in You beyond any human help. It is so wonderful to be assured that my help comes from You O Lord my Creaator and Ceator of the universe, who loves, cares and wants to help me. … if only I can ask in faith – Lord help my unbelief. I need Your help today. and everyday Amen.

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