AUGUST 9, 2020 – during pandemic COVID-19

Singapore stands today as testimonoy of God’s goodness on our nation. There is peace and harmony and especially during the COVID -19 circuit-breaker during June/July and as we emerge stronger to take on the post COVID challenges. The Lord has helped our first-line responders, medical and other-wise to treat the COVID patients and to bring many safely out of their affliction. We thank God for wisdom and patience and for provision of resources including the many financial subsidies to citizens, small and medium businesses and the many employment and training schemes for all which the government has provided from past national financial reserves. May the Lord’s hand continue to be on Singapore and bless her with safety and security, peace, prosperity and faith in the living God for her people.

This year’s theme – Together A Stronger Singapore – doubles as a rallying call to all to push through the difficulties and bring the country forward as a nation. An ode to the Singapore spirit of togetherness, this year’s theme song is a mellower tune that comes complete with a video that acts as a touching reminder that we’re not alone in this – and that the NDP is not always about being flashy and grandiose. Composed by Joshua Wan and performed by Nathan Hartono, Everything I Am is undoubtedly more emotional than the clap-along anthems that have rolled out in the previous years.

With all the events that have happened this year (yes Covid-19, we mean you mostly), the song entitled Everything I Am is mellower and more emotional than the clap-along anthems that have rolled out in the previous years. In it, Hartono sings “Show me how I should be strong / Teach me that I can be weak” – perhaps some of the more tender lyrics we’ve seen in a National Day song, which usually focus on success, victories and being the very best. Still, what’s an NDP song without the corny bits like referring to Singapore as a “precious jewel in my hand” – but we’ll take it. 

The music video also features everyday Singaporeans going through their lives during the pandemic – you can expect many heartwarming Zoom call moments. The video includes the owners of OK Chicken Rice – a food stall in Ang Mo Kio – Daniel Tan and Clara Loh who delivered hundreds of free chicken rice packets to healthcare workers. You can also spot a deaf dance crew, Redeafination busting some moves in the video and local musician and artist Ginette Chittick and her family having a meal with migrant workers as part of the local initiative, Come Makan With Me. 

The people featured in the video are part of the 55 stories curated from the public and via social media. The other stories will be presented through short films as part of the stay home NDP morning and evening shows. Despite the challenging year Singaporeans have faced so far, the video is a touching reminder that we’re not alone in this – and that the NDP is not always about being flashy and grandiose.

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