Pray for President Trump – Week of November 3, 2020

Fake news is accepted by all and sundry. But God knows the truth and will reveal the truth against the false theories promulgated by fake media. When God moves for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, He answers prayers and prayer changes things.

Pray for President Trump and VP Pence and their families – for safety and protection from evil, for wisdom to overcome the evil works promoted by never Trumpers. and those suffering from antiTrump syndrome. They have been afflicted with blindness by the devil and unless they choose deliverance they will be ensnared and bound. Pray for healing and peace not rioting and lawlessness. May the Lord show forth His power, mercy and love and control over all evil people who would hurt the USA and may law and justice overrule disorder, hatred and rebellion. Amen.

May the Churh of God prevail, the people of God awaken and once again be driven to spread the good message of salvation and redemption. May many repent and be saved through this time of uncertainty and turmoil. Amen.

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