Thine is the victory and glory….

We pray for

– President Trump that he will hold the fort steadfastly, do Your will and be guided and protected to fulfil Your role and purpose for him in the USA. Please surround President Trump with truth-loving and doing men and women of God for the USA to move forward in Your Name.

– VP Pence that he will be strengthened by Your Word and Holy Spirit, stand up for the right and courageously take his place in Your will to fulfil his role in the destiny of the USA.

– Sidney Powell and Lin Wood that they have the courage and wisdom to uncover the truth of fraud and treason for the turning point to fufil

– Rudy Giulani and his team for strength, courage and wisdom to carryon with the work he has been called to do

– families of the above-mentioned that they will not fear but have courage to stand strong as supporting Your work and their families involved. Keep the all in faith knowing that You are in control and that the right and truth will prevail and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

-the Church of Jesus Christ repesented by prophets, evangelists, pastors, laity and members will be united to fulfil Your purpose in support, prayers and courage to stand up and voice for the truth. Help them open and attend chuches this Sunday in solidarity with Your causes.

– USA will be saved from the evil one, his cahoots, and the deep state in the executive branch, senate and judiciary -put them all to disarray, fighting one another and bring them down in shame and in ignominy

– Turning Point USA , all the young people and patriots who love You and Your agenda will stand up, participate safely and with law and order in the rally on January 6,2021 in Washington DC. Please protect all who attend including President Trump and VP Pence from the evil Demonrats, BLM and other evil forces.

-Christian leaders who love the Lord and willing to take the challenge of leadership in the government and Church will rise up to seize the challenge for this hour and figiht with a fervour as never before to win the battle for Jesus.

Amen. Lord, Your people need Your intervention and blessing once again in the nation’s life.

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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