My Brother

My grandniece is 4 years old and her brother is 6 years old. From the age of 2 years old my niece used to send her big brother off on the schoolbus and welcome him home after school. She yearned to follow him into the bus and could not understand why she could not. Upon his return from school he would rest and then work on his homework for the next day. She would borrow his text books and pretend she could read them. Today at the age of 4 years she reads all his text books as she learnt how to read by phonics. although she may not understand the meaning.

We are fortunate if we have an older brother or sister in Christ to set the pace of Christian growth and development. We grow much faster, deeper and wider in our faith if we share our spiritual journey with another more mature brother or sister in Christ. In today’s high tech environment if you cannot find a mentor at your work location you can get help through the internet and social media. I encourage you to find a spiritual mentor who can encourage, pray and help you grow in Christ and as your example of Christ’s ways.

As Elijah’s servant, Elisha learned through watching, helping, and being with him.  He was extremely committed to Elijah, as seen in 2 Kings 2.  He would not leave Elijah’s side, and, when it came time for Elijah to leave, Elisha became his successor.  He would go on to be used in even greater ways than his mentor.

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